Best chefs of louisiana 2020
application information


Nominees will be chosen and notified by February 29th, 2020.

**Please read this page in its entirety before submitting your application.**

Award Objectives

  • To recognize Louisiana Chefs and Industry Professionals who best exemplify the highest standard of professionalism in today’s kitchens and operations through continuing education, developing young culinarians, training and their community involvement.
  • To honor active, working chefs and professionals, who operate the day to day activities of their facility (Restaurant, Hotel, Resort, Casino, College Campus, etc.) and supervise its kitchen’s brigade.

Candidate Eligibility

  • Stability in the food service industry with accomplishments in a Louisiana location
  • Community Service Involvement / Outreach
  • Innovation brought to the food service industry or business
  • Giving back to fellow chefs and young chefs
  • Book of work / experience
  • Book of advertising (reachable / noticeable on world wide web and other social media)
  • Availability to public

Application Guidelines

A complete nomination package includes the following:
  • Completed application on-line form
  • A list of activities with supporting documentation for each item under candidate criteria
  • A professional resume; statement of personal philosophy regarding chef professionalism
    • Topics: certification, apprenticeship and how you help young cooks and chefs mature into professionals
  • Send in high resolution photo of yourself
  • Submit three (3) proposed dishes and recipes for each dish
  • Agree to attend the Best Chef event on March 31, 2020 to serve the public/guests his/her fine cuisine.

Selection Process:

The finalists will be chosen by the ACFNO event committee and board members. Committee decisions are final.


  • February 2020: Selection of Chefs and Menu item
  • March 31st, 2020: Best Chefs of Louisiana at the UNO Ballroom, University Center**

**Map for loading and parking to be sent at a later date.

Package Of Awards

  • Named in event advertisements and social media promotions
  • Bio and photo in video loop at event
  • Best Chef Award
  • Best of show featured in Louisiana Kitchen and Culture magazine
  • Introduction to the Louisiana Public

Chef Prizes & Awards

  • Best Chefs will be presented a special award
  • People’s Choice Award: All guests will be given a voting ticket. They will be able to vote for their favorite dish/chef that evening. The People’s Choice award will be honored at the event with a Cash Prize of $1,000 and will be featured in Louisiana Kitchen and Culture magazine
  • Chefs with the best station set-up will be honored as well. A committee of ACFNO Board members will walk through the stations @ 5:30pm. The best station set-up will be honored at the event with a Cash Prize $500. A Louisiana theme is suggested for the station set-up.

Chef Needs and Responsibilities

  • Chefs must complete on-line application by January 31, 2020 to be considered for the class of 2020.
  • Submit three (3) proposed menu items and recipes for the Best Chefs committee to choose.
  • The BCE committee will email the chosen menu item to all the chefs for the event by end of
    February, 2020.
  • Chefs can begin to set up their stations by 2 p.m. on March 31, 2020 at the University of New Orleans Ballroom located in the University Center. ***Note new location as of 2019***
  • Chefs must prepare 350 / 3-ounce portions of their dish.
  • Chefs may decorate their stations as they desire. One table and white table cloth will be provided by venue. (Professional appearance with a Louisiana theme is requested.)
  • Signage for table should be decorated with company and property logo. ACFNO will provide one sign with the menu item chosen by the committee.
  • Portable butane burners are allowed and, if used, the chef must supply a portable fire extinguisher. A balcony is available if the chef chooses to use charcoal.
  • A maximum of two (2) assistants are allowed to assist each Chef. ACFNO will provide additional assistants as needed if you request for additional help three weeks prior to the event.
  • We strongly encourage chefs to spend as much time with the public / attendees as possible, taking photos, signing autographs, etc.
  • We encourage Chefs to promote their restaurants & themselves during the event.
  • Chefs should bring copies of their recipes for the public.
  • Assistants will be available to help Chefs coordinate their station set-up at 2 p.m.
  • All Chefs need to check in at arrival. Doors will open at 2 p.m.

Chefs will be asked at arrival if they have the following:

  • 350 / 3-ounce portions; all foods must follow ServSafe temperature safe zones
  • 350 Plates or service vessels
  • 350 proper utensils
  • Verification that food being served corresponds to what was selected by the ACFNO Best Chefs Committee
  • Printed recipes
  • Correct chafing dishes or adequate heating/cooling elements to keep products safe during the course of the evening

Chefs and their products must be ready to serve by no later than 5:30pm that evening. 6:00-7:00pm will be a VIP / Media session.

At check-in, chefs will be issued ACFNO Best Chefs 2020 Jackets to be worn during the event.