Cookbook Creation Retreat in April!

Great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of creating your own cookbook!

The Cookbook Creation Retreat is a four day course designed to give you a comprehensive look at how to create a cookbook from scratch. You will gain understanding of all processes associated with developing, submitting, selling and marketing your own cookbook. You will also learn from and make connections with a James Beard award-winning chef and cookbook author, top-notch marketing gurus and publishing insiders. Because this is a hands-on intimate retreat, we will not take more than 20 people. This way you will have the greatest access to our culinary, marketing and publishing experts. Click here to visit the retreat page for more information!

• Chefs who want to showcase their fantastic recipes
• Manufacturers who want a cookbook featuring their product line
• Tourist Destinations who want to highlight their local cuisine
• Restaurateurs who want to promote their restaurant
• Fitness & nutrition experts who want to promote a healthy lifestyle
• Non-profit organizations who want to do a cookbook fundraiser
• Anyone who has an idea for a cookbook and wants to know how to get it done

Click Here to Learn More!

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