Meeting Minutes – February 4th, 2019

American Culinary Federation New Orleans Chapter Agenda


  • Call to Order and Welcome by Chef Leon West, President, at 4:01.
  • Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all.
  • Culinarians Code was read by Chef Ruth Varisco, CEPC, CCE
  • Everyone introduced themselves; no New Members
  • Attendance – Leon West. Mary Bartholomew, Jon Petrie, T Walden, Tom Beckman, Stanley Everage, Dave Massey, Laura Dirosa, Lisa Picone Love, Val Hesse, Frank Sclafani, Matthew Guillory, Mark Springfloat, Larry Delahoussaye, Ruth Varisco, Paula Sanchez, Joseph Accomando, Kerinesha Dupard, Shante’Richmon, Gizeyze Vieinz, Bob Rispoli, Elena Rispoli, Roni Dacula, Chris Hayes, Anastasia Joyner, Marc Bankston.
  • The minutes from 1/7/19 were read by Dr. Mary Bartholomew, CCE. Ricky Abide was added to the attendance. After corrections, minutes were approved. First by Jon Petrie and 2 d by T Walden. Approved unanimously.
  • Reports from Officers & Standing Committees:
    • Presidents report – Chef Leon reported that there will be a soiree for the 2019 Best Chefs and our Best Chefs Sponsors. Cintas will measure the Best Chefs for their jacket and pictures will be taken for the 2019 Poster.
    • Treasurer – Chef Tom Beckman didn’t have a report as Damian Thomas has not gotten together with Chef Leon to turnover books. Chef Leon is still working on that.
    • Membership – Chef Matthew Guillory reported that there are 81 members. He created a spreadsheet of all members and emails. He asked everyone to check to see if their email was correct.
    • Best Chefs Event report – Chef Vivian Ray could not attend. Chef Leon reported that there are 25 Best Chefs this year. The 2019 BCE will be held at the UNO Ballroom in the Student Center.
    • Other Reports –Chef T reported that the UNO Ballroom is spacious for BCE and will allow for the band to out of the way and that it will be better for the award presentation.
  • Old Business – no old business
  • New Business – Chef Ruth stated that the organization is looking for new meeting spaces as well as educational pieces that are informative to the group. Please forward contacts for this to her.
  • Roundtable discussion – Chef Matt reached out to Nichols for student help for the BCE. Chef Leon has a list for the Chefs for the soiree to list any needs they may have including assistance needs. Chef T asked for a copy of the liability insurance for BCE. Chefs Paula, Frank and Ruth judged at the 4-H competition on Saturday, Feb. 2. The competitors did very creative and complicated dishes. Chef Jon suggested that at events such as these to get emails so that they may be invited to our meetings. Lisa Picone Love stated that she oversees the auction for BCE. Chefs Leon and Mary will schedule a later meeting concerning the BCE. Laura DiRosa stated that she is now representing Bill’s Catering and also fabric Boas that can be used for table scaping. Chef Matthew asked for a handout to recruit new members. Chef Leon is working on a brochure for that purpose. Matt suggested a QRS card since young people are more interested in social media. Dave from Dawn Buster agreed. Chef Ruth stated that she believes in committees. She has an active one working on educational pieces for our meetings. Chef Mark Springfloat welcomed everyone to the University of New Orleans School of Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism. Chef Mark invited everyone to partake of the refreshments.
  • Adjournment – 1st by Chef T and 2nd By Chef Jon.
  • Educational Piece – Chefs Amy Sins, Anastasia Hayes-Joyner, Roni Dacula

*** With Numbers We Can Do Wonders ***

Respectfully submitted by:
Mary P Bartholomew, PhD, CCE
ACFNO Secretary

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