Meeting Minutes – January 7th, 2019

American Culinary Federation New Orleans Chapter Agenda

Date: 1/7/2019

  • Call to Order and Welcome by Chef Leon West, president, at 4:02.
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Culinarians Code was read by Chef Ruth Varisco.
  • Roll Call and attendance: Leon West, Mary Bartholomew, Matthew Guillory, Ruth Varisco, T Walden, Vivian Ray, Frank Scalfani, Paula Sanchez, Lawrence Brawn, Val Hesse, Marcus Bankston, Mark Davids, Nora Wetzel, Robert Peilla, Ron Iafrate, Dave Massey, Mike Haffner, Bob Rispoli
  • Reading and Approval of Minutes: Dispensed with since recorder was not there to read.
  • Reports from Officers & Standing Committees:
    • President: Elections were held in December 2018. The following were elected: President- Leon West; First Vice President – Ruth Varisco; Second Vice President – Mark Springflow; Treasurer – Tom Beckman; Secretary- Mary Bartholomew, Membership Chair – Matt Guillory. T Walden was appointed as Sargent of Arms by the president.
    • -Treasurer – Damian Thomas will meet with the President and the new
      treasurer to transfer all documents and check book at a later date.
    • -Membership – 49 paid professionals. A list of unpaid dues is needed from National so that those may be contacted to renew.
  • Other Reports – None.
  • Old Business – None
  • New Business – Joe Cahn passed away at New Years. He was remembered fondly by many members. He will be greatly missed by all that knew him. A Celebration of Life is scheduled at Warren Eastern on 1/29/19. A repast will be held at Jerry Amato’s.
  • Roundtable discussion – T Walden shared that one of our members, Kevin Belton, was married during the holidays.
  • Adjournment – First was by Ruth Varisco and seconded by T Walden.

Dinner was served afterwards by Lawrence Brown at Lagniappe Luncheonette.

Respectfully submitted by:
Mary P Bartholomew, PhD, CCE
ACFNO Secretary

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